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the yeezy bracket

Okay, so “everyone makes a random bracket week” was sort of last week, but imma be late though? That was bad, I don’t know… umm, anyways, as most of you know I’m a huge Kanye fan so when I saw this bracket of Kanye songs, I thought it was a pretty fantastic idea. But I wasn’t a fan of the execution. There were some key tracks missing and the regions were lopsided, so rather than complain I made my own bracket.

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top 25 songs of 2014

I’ve had this blog for two years now which means it’s time for one of my favourite annual posts and that is my arbitrary list of favourite songs over the past year.

This year was a terrible year for music. I expected a holy trifecta of Kanye, Kendrick and Frank Ocean. I got nothing. Nothing! And what came instead was mostly middling music. I don’t think there was a record that came out this year I liked front to back. To be honest that’s a rarity to begin with which is why I tend to this list instead of my favourite albums, because I usually don’t have that many, especially this year.

With that being said, I hate most of the year end lists I read because they are wrong. All of them. This is the only right one. For me at least, but it is wrong to you and anyone else, and that’s why year end lists discussing the “best” music of the year is dumb. It’s subjective. This is a stupid list you shouldn’t care about it. But they’re fun to do and they’re fun to discuss.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here are my favourite songs of 2014.

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2014-15 top 50 nhl players

Who are the 50 best players in hockey? It depends on who you ask because everyone has an opinion on who belongs among the league’s elite, and any list will spark controversy. So rather than complain (anymore) about the lists out there, I decided to make my own list along with my good pal Steve Tzemis. Is this list perfect? Yes No. But I personally think it’s a decent picture of who the best players are going into next season and beyond. And that’s meant as no disrespect to any other lists, I just always end up disagreeing with them, hell I disagreed with most half some of Steve’s picks too. This is our Top 50.

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2014 oscars preview ft. sam

In the interest of time, I will copy and paste my introduction speech to this blog post from last years blog post, carefully omitting things that have changed.

Well hello friends, I haven’t wrote anything in a while. I did warn you I was lazy. Anyways, the Oscars are coming up this Sunday and most of you have probably not watched even half of the movies. Now you can’t go into Oscar night without any working knowledge of the movies nominated, so that’s why I’m here to help. And by help I mean make things worse. Whereas normal people would get knowledge from astute movie critics who have seen every movie, you are here to get knowledge from someone who hasn’t even seen all of the trailers. I will literally be reviewing these movies based on their trailers some of which I am seeing for the first time right now.

On the other hand, we have guest blogger Samantha Sobolewski, (applause) who lives for movies, and has a popular segment on Twitter called “Sobo’s Movie Reviews” which are usually more riveting than the actual film she’s reviewing have severely gone down in quality lately. Where I fail in my assessment, hopefully she shines because she’s actually seen some of the movies. Or at least has a better grasp of the ones she hasn’t. Her thoughts will be in italics.

Thanks for having me again on the blog, Dom! Although you chirp me so often on here it’s almost like I’m always a guest contributor…

Last year Sam saw 7/9 movies, and the two she didn’t see looked sucky, so I let it slide. This year my movie expert apparently only saw 6/9. As great as those two numbers are in succession, that simply won’t cut it for next year. What do I even pay you for Sam?

Uhhhhhh, I’m doing this for free, asshole.

Anyways, the competition for Best Picture this year is absolutely fierce. I have seen one (1) three (!) (what an improvement over last year, my word) of the movies and it was actually pretty damazing they were all kinda meh. The D is silent (Django jokes are probably irrelevant this year). But that doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth watching (yes it does). Let’s take a look.

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20 albums

If you go on Facebook right now, it’s probably flooded with these lists. Normally I hate chain and spam bullshit, especially the entire Neknomination business. But this is music. This is different to me because music is an important part of my life, and I’m sure most people will agree.

I love music a lot. I like hearing new music– even if it’s weird and I hate it. But there’s something special about those albums that just stick with you through time, even if it’s just a brief period of your life (shoutout to Sam’s Simple Plan phase… wait that’s still going, true). These albums remind you of moments in your life that become ingrained in your emotional memory.

A lot of people are rule followers which I didn’t want to do, hence this blog post. This is the original part of the chain spam thing:

“List 12 albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don’t take too long on this list – just a few minutes. These don’t have to be great records, or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally”

1. 12 is a dumb number. I made it 20.

2. These albums are supposed to mean something to me and y’all want me to take “a few minutes?”

Anyways, a lot of people just plopped a random set of albums in no particular order, but what’s the fun in that? If there’s one thing I enjoy on par with music, it’s probably organized lists. Also to compensate for my obvious bias for one particular artist… I tried my best to do one album per artist. Other wise this list might have been very different. So anyways, here’s my list with short blurbs and stuff. You may also notice that most of these are from after 2003 and that’s because I don’t really like/fetishize old music because I don’t give a shit.

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top 25 songs of 2013

I’ve apparently had this blog for a year now because I’m doing my first ever sequel post, the second annual “best songs of the year as decided by me.” Last year’s list  was child’s play. Ten songs? C’mon. This year I’ve upped that to 25, and frankly it wasn’t enough because I had to exclude six Kanye West songs. A real shame I know.

As I said last year, year end lists are stupid. Every publication makes one that I don’t agree with, so they’re all wrong in my opinion. Despite how stupid they are to read, they’re really fun to make and debate. Looking back on a year in music and arbitrarily deciding what songs or albums are better than others is incredibly vain, so it fits right up my body of work as a writer. I’m sure there will be no surprises as to who is number one on this list, but read it anyways. And then you can tell me how wrong I am after you’re done.

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concert etiquette

There’s something you should know about me, especially after reading most of these posts. I hate a lot of things. There are a lot of things that make my blood boil. One of those things is other people. Other people suck. If you don’t feel like this, you should probably go out more. Usually, I try to avoid being in large groups. Because people suck. But there are times when it’s unavoidable. And it seems like the worst in people is brought out in large crowds.

Now what I don’t hate is music. Especially seeing artists perform live. And that’s where my problems arise. I’m not rich. So I can’t afford a private show by the artist in my living room. It’s a sad reality for most of us. So I have to go see them in concert.

A concert is essentially combining something I love with something I hate. Usually what I love (the music) drowns out what I hate (everyone else), so I’ve yet to really have a negative concert experience. But there are still instances where my hatred for fellow man can’t be ignored. It seems as if all the biggest assholes in the world have conglomerated in to one room on a quest to ruin my one on one time with ______________ (musical act).

Usually it’s just one annoying thing, so my whole experience isn’t ruined and I just forget about it and enjoy the show. But this last concert was different.

I went to see Lorde at Danforth Music Hall thanks to a friend of mine providing a great early birthday present. She was flawless (read my review of her debut album here if you haven’t), but this isn’t about her. This is about everyone else there. It seems that every type of possible “concert asshole” was in attendance that night. Here’s a list of “concert assholes,” please don’t let this be you.

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Here at, you have become very aware that I like to delve into the day’s hard hitting topics, the really big issues. These are the topics that cause a “riff” (hey Sam!) in society and literally tear families apart at the seams. In today’s post, I want to talk about an issue that really hits close to home and something I’m extremely passionate about. Let me begin with a story.

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The History of Emojis

Our world is run by little cartoons.

It all started in 6000 BC with the first cave drawings. Those who were the best cave artists were leaders of their pack and were commended for their artistry. Don’t believe me? Go read a history book instead of checking your tumblr maybe.

Then in 1500 BC came the mighty Egyptians. Why were they mighty? Hieroglyphics. People around the world were frightened by their cat drawings and also their Pharaohs, but mostly the cat drawings.

Communication has always been an essential tool, and those that did it with little cartoons always ruled the world.

How did Microsoft become such a huge company? MSN emoticons, obviously. There were also custom emoticons you could find elsewhere on the Internet. The masses were zombified and bewildered by all the options of customization that they became slaves to MSN messenger, spending hours upon hours in front of the screen.

So it should come as no surprise at who is the current world leader. The one who mobilized the joy of little cartoons. While they may have not created emojis, Apple certainly popularized it by including them as a language in their now ubiquitous iPhone. It has now become the de-facto language of millions of people. Emoji-speak.

In a world where every smartphone is the same, there needs to be a killer feature. One that slays the competition. It may be stupid, but a legion of people have now bought a $300 phone simply because they can now message little cartoons to their friends.

To people new to the iPhone, emoji-speak can be a frightening and overwhelming place. But luckily, I am here for you friend.

It may not be a comprehensive breakdown of emoji culture, but it is a comprehensive breakdown of my soul, spirit and psyche. Emojis are a reflection of the self, so with these being my favourite emojis to use, you are peering into a new side of me, being shared for the first time.

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top ten songs of 2012

Every website you go to will have a year-end list of some sorts. None of them are definitive because they’re all subjective. It’s stupid. Does anyone care about what some random person at Pitchfork thinks are the songs of the year? Oh you do? Great. Because I made a list too! Shocker.

What. Lists are fun. Sue me. Sorry for the ol’ switcheroo. Anyways, here are my 10 favourite songs that came out in 2012.

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