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first look at ios7

Apple recently revealed it’s newest iteration of its mobile software for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 7. While there’s some minor changes, the biggest one has been an all new design.

The new design has garnered a lot of discussion, and I have noticed a bit of a trend. The longer a person has had an iPhone, the more likely they will enjoy the new design. Those who just got one from Santa recently tend to dislike it, while those, like me, who’ve had an iPhone since before Instagram and Twitter were things tend to like it. I’ve personally been a part of every new iOS, each more exciting then the last. I still remember when they introduced copy and pasting for the first time! What a groundbreaking feature. Or when they allowed you to use your own wallpapers! Everyone loves customization!

But as time went on, it seemed to be the same thing re-packaged into the same box. What did we get for Christmas this year? Oh boy, more socks! Just like last year! Thanks Grandpa! With that in mind, it’s easy to see why I’m a bit excited about iOS 7. Change is good. The iPhone was just getting a bit too stale, it needed a facelift.

But there was a problem. It wouldn’t come out until the Fall, and I was too damn excited already. I needed it now. Like now, now. So I did what any sane and reasonable person would do. I downloaded the beta version and put it on my phone. It wasn’t even hard to do. Damn do I love the internet. What a time we live in.

I’ve been playing with iOS 7 for a few days now, here’s what I love and hate so far, and some features that are still missing.

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The History of Emojis

Our world is run by little cartoons.

It all started in 6000 BC with the first cave drawings. Those who were the best cave artists were leaders of their pack and were commended for their artistry. Don’t believe me? Go read a history book instead of checking your tumblr maybe.

Then in 1500 BC came the mighty Egyptians. Why were they mighty? Hieroglyphics. People around the world were frightened by their cat drawings and also their Pharaohs, but mostly the cat drawings.

Communication has always been an essential tool, and those that did it with little cartoons always ruled the world.

How did Microsoft become such a huge company? MSN emoticons, obviously. There were also custom emoticons you could find elsewhere on the Internet. The masses were zombified and bewildered by all the options of customization that they became slaves to MSN messenger, spending hours upon hours in front of the screen.

So it should come as no surprise at who is the current world leader. The one who mobilized the joy of little cartoons. While they may have not created emojis, Apple certainly popularized it by including them as a language in their now ubiquitous iPhone. It has now become the de-facto language of millions of people. Emoji-speak.

In a world where every smartphone is the same, there needs to be a killer feature. One that slays the competition. It may be stupid, but a legion of people have now bought a $300 phone simply because they can now message little cartoons to their friends.

To people new to the iPhone, emoji-speak can be a frightening and overwhelming place. But luckily, I am here for you friend.

It may not be a comprehensive breakdown of emoji culture, but it is a comprehensive breakdown of my soul, spirit and psyche. Emojis are a reflection of the self, so with these being my favourite emojis to use, you are peering into a new side of me, being shared for the first time.

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