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proper super bowl etiquette

I haven’t posted anything in what seems like a long while. I could attribute it to school starting, but that would suggest I do homework or something. It certainly does eat up a lot of my time, but the main reason was I didn’t have anything to write about. That’s mostly because I have either been a hermit or an alcoholic. Ernest Hemingway without any of the talent.

Today is the Super Bowl though, a great and important day for any sports fan. Even if you don’t like football, today you like football. I personally am indifferent. I’ll watch most playoff games, or when Tom Brady does things, but otherwise I don’t really care. This gets a little saddening when I’m with my friends during football season and the only topic is fantasy football so I just sit there quietly and awkwardly until they throw me a bone and ask me something about hockey.

Like any major event, there are rules and guidelines to the big game that everyone should follow. I’ve scoured the internet and researched heavily into this unwritten code, and I bring it to you here in its entirety.

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