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2015 oscars preview ft. sam

The Oscars are tonight and most of you have probably not even watched half of the movies. Now you can’t go into Oscar night without any working knowledge of the movies nominated, so that’s why I’m here to help.

And by help I mean probably make things worse. Normal people would get knowledge from astute movie critics who have seen every movie, but for some reason you’re here reading the opinions of someone who hasn’t even watched all the trailers yet.

Luckily, I brought along guest blogger Samantha Sobolewski, who lives for movies, and has a “popular” (she made me put that in) segment on Twitter called “Sobo’s Movie Reviews” which are usually more riveting than the actual film she’s reviewing (again, her words, not mine). Where I fail in my assessment, hopefully she shines because she’s actually seen most of the movies. So we’ve got all our bases covered. Her thoughts will be in italics.

I can’t believe you made me do this again.

Two years ago Sam saw 7/9 movies, and the two she didn’t see looked sucky, so I let it slide.

Last year my movie expert apparently only saw 6/9. As great as those two numbers are in succession, it was simply unacceptable so I gave her a paycut.

Uhhhhhh, I’m doing this for free, asshole.

Anyways, this year she’s upped her game and watched 7/8 just as as I asked her to a year ago.

The competition for Best Picture this year is absolutely fierce. I have seen three (!) of the movies and 66 percent of them were actually pretty good, which is a surprise to me since I don’t usually enjoy decent movies. Let’s take a look at the nominees.

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