nhl power rankings and projections: oct. 29

It’s still very early as some teams haven’t even played 10 games yet, but the rankings are looking better already.

In the second edition of my power rankings powered by math, the Kings make their entry into the top 10, while the Blue Jackets fall very far out of the top 10 as injuries strike. Plus, a new addition to the season projections: playoff odds.

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nhl power rankings and projections: oct. 22

Two weeks into the season, it’s finally time to do some power rankings apparently. It’s still stupid early in the season to judge or predict anything, but everyone else was doing it so here’s mine.

Most power rankings are done with subjectivity and gut feel. This is not one of those. I don’t think you care who anyone thinks is the best team, because no one really knows, it’s just an opinion. I want to change that and rank the teams as objectively as possible, but even that won’t be perfect either, especially this early in the season.

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2014-15 top 50 nhl players

Who are the 50 best players in hockey? It depends on who you ask because everyone has an opinion on who belongs among the league’s elite, and any list will spark controversy. So rather than complain (anymore) about the lists out there, I decided to make my own list along with my good pal Steve Tzemis. Is this list perfect? Yes No. But I personally think it’s a decent picture of who the best players are going into next season and beyond. And that’s meant as no disrespect to any other lists, I just always end up disagreeing with them, hell I disagreed with most half some of Steve’s picks too. This is our Top 50.

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2014-15 nhl season preview

This is now the third season preview I’ve done for this blog, and I seriously considered just copying last year’s intro verbatim. But I can’t because this year I’ve decided to change up the format. In previous years I made 20 BOLD predictions for the year (2013, 2014) that were seemingly random. This year I’m going to do one for each team and combine that with what I did for my Leafs season preview last year, where I take a look at each team from an both an optimistic and pessimistic view.

But before I get to this year, let’s talk about the dumb things I said last year.

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