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kflyfm.com (The Black Keys)The Black Keys – Turn Blue

May 13, 2014

45 minutes

From the get go, you could tell that Turn Blue was going to be a different album than anything done before by the Akron, Ohio duo.

Whether that get-go was from their first single, the synth-induced and infectious Fever, or whether it was album opener Weight of Love, it was very unlike anything the Black Keys have done before.

With their last album El Camino, a garage rockabilly foot stomper from start to finish, the Black Keys rose to become one of the biggest mainstream rock bands in the world. Mainstream is a funny word considering not only their roots, but also their classic rock approach which has become a dying breed on new rock radio.

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2013-2014 nhl playoffs preview: round three

In case you haven’t read it yet, this is the system I’m rolling with this year that combines possession, talent, and special teams.

It’s going really well so far…

POP is currently 7-5 after going 2-2 in round two (goddamn east). Which is not very good. Before this year it went 56-19 since 2008-2009, so this year has been very crazy compared to other years in terms of upsets and a lot of series could’ve went the other way.

Take for example the six (!) series that went to seven games.

The home team is 1-5 in those games. They all had a 3-2 (or better) series lead. POP had them all to win except Anaheim in Round 2, so a 2-4 record in series that went to seven. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. In only one of those instances where the series went to seven, did the team that played better in that series win (Minnesota over Colorado) although you can say the San Jose-LA series was a toss-up.

Basically, a lot of bad luck going the home (and arguably better) team’s way, and in turn, my way as well.

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what’s wrong with sidney crosby?


And I can end the post right there and be right. Because the best player in the world shouldn’t need defending. But for some reason it’s become in vogue to rag on Crosby this season, especially after a “disappointing” Olympics where he only had three points in six games.

Fast forward to the playoffs and Pittsburgh barely got by Columbus in a series where Crosby didn’t have a goal. In fact, he’s goalless in his last 11 playoff games dating back to last year. Crosby was even booed in Pittsburgh! They’d be in Kansas if it weren’t for him!

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2013-2014 nhl playoffs preview: round two

Wow. That’s all I can say. Round 1 had some of the best hockey I’ve seen in a few years.

If you missed it, this is how I said I would be predicting the playoffs this year. To summarize I combined fenwick close (possession), goals close adjusted for PDO (talent), powerplay and penalty kill (special teams) to get a number that was accurate 75% (56-19) of the time over the last six years.

In Round 1 this year, it went 5-3. Which is okay, but definitely not great. It’s below the 75% average, so I’m a little disappointed. Especially considering it was 5-1 going into the last two game sevens where both teams were on home ice, had leads in the games, and 3-2 leads in the series. But thats sports. Anything can happen. Luck is a big part of the game and it’s something I mentioned in the last post.

That’s not to say the teams that won were lucky to win, it means that a bounce or two the other way and maybe San Jose wins in game 4…or 5… or 6… or 7 (jesus..) or Colorado puts it away in overtime. In any sense, stats are always a probability, not a destiny. Seeing a team go against the odds like LA (although it’s because of luck that they were down 3-0 in the first place) and win is what makes sports great. No one would watch if everything that happened was predictable.

With all that being said, here’s what I think will happen in round two, a round that’ll probably be much more cut and dry than round one.

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