kessel and bozak part 2

Part One if you missed it.

Where I last left off, Tyler Bozak was on pace for 75 points this season. But huge on-ice shooting percentage coupled with a low amount of games will mean some crazy short term numbers. Regression is likely. And soon.

What the last post essentially did was show that Tyler Bozak has been on a hot streak all year. Every player goes through them, but most have cold streaks too. Bozak hasn’t had any. That’s luck in and of itself.

What I didn’t mention in depth in the last post, but most of you will remember, is that Bozak was injured for about a third of the year. He was gone from games 12-23 and 29-40.

The Leafs record with Bozak is 24-15-5. A 99 point pace.

Without him it’s 12-9-3. A 92 point-pace, with only six of those wins coming in regulation.

The 92 point pace is still likely a playoff spot, but 99 is more than likely home-ice advantage in the first round. Do the Leafs win more with Bozak in the lineup, or is this just a coincidence. It’s very likely the latter. You probably remember the gigantic swing of 28 games in the middle of the season where the Leafs were completely inept. Bozak was gone for all but five games in the middle of that (where the Leafs went 0-3-2).

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kessel and bozak part 1

Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak have had a monster-year for the Leafs.

Kessel’s stat line reads 34-39-73 in 68 games played. It’s a pace of 41-47-88, career highs across the board for Kessel. It’s a similar story for Bozak who’s played less games due to injury with 44 games, but still has a line of 15-25-40. It’s insane production for Bozak whose career high before this was 47 points in 2011-2012. Bozak needed 73 games to get there that year. If he were to continue this pace, he would only need 52 games to get there. And over a whole season, this kind of pace would be worth 28 goals and 47 assists to give Bozak 75 points.

And that’s sort of the key right there: “if he were to continue at this pace.” Because at this pace, Bozak’s numbers look great. He looks like the first line centre that the Leafs have needed since Sundin left. The problem is Bozak has never really scored at this pace before. Until this year, Bozak topped out at around a 50 point centre, which isn’t bad (unless you consider the fact he played between two point-per-game wingers over the past three years) but isn’t anything to write home about.

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2014 oscars preview ft. sam

In the interest of time, I will copy and paste my introduction speech to this blog post from last years blog post, carefully omitting things that have changed.

Well hello friends, I haven’t wrote anything in a while. I did warn you I was lazy. Anyways, the Oscars are coming up this Sunday and most of you have probably not watched even half of the movies. Now you can’t go into Oscar night without any working knowledge of the movies nominated, so that’s why I’m here to help. And by help I mean make things worse. Whereas normal people would get knowledge from astute movie critics who have seen every movie, you are here to get knowledge from someone who hasn’t even seen all of the trailers. I will literally be reviewing these movies based on their trailers some of which I am seeing for the first time right now.

On the other hand, we have guest blogger Samantha Sobolewski, (applause) who lives for movies, and has a popular segment on Twitter called “Sobo’s Movie Reviews” which are usually more riveting than the actual film she’s reviewing have severely gone down in quality lately. Where I fail in my assessment, hopefully she shines because she’s actually seen some of the movies. Or at least has a better grasp of the ones she hasn’t. Her thoughts will be in italics.

Thanks for having me again on the blog, Dom! Although you chirp me so often on here it’s almost like I’m always a guest contributor…

Last year Sam saw 7/9 movies, and the two she didn’t see looked sucky, so I let it slide. This year my movie expert apparently only saw 6/9. As great as those two numbers are in succession, that simply won’t cut it for next year. What do I even pay you for Sam?

Uhhhhhh, I’m doing this for free, asshole.

Anyways, the competition for Best Picture this year is absolutely fierce. I have seen one (1) three (!) (what an improvement over last year, my word) of the movies and it was actually pretty damazing they were all kinda meh. The D is silent (Django jokes are probably irrelevant this year). But that doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth watching (yes it does). Let’s take a look.

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