canadian men’s olympic hockey team roster

The Olympics are just under two months away, and like everyone else in Canada I’ve been busy making a list of the team I would take to the tournament. Everyone’s been doing this since the last Olympics ended, or at least anyone who pays a lot of attention to hockey. It’s pointless because Hockey Canada isn’t reading this and doesn’t know who I am, but I don’t care.

In terms of national pastimes for Canada I think it goes something like this:
-Playing hockey
-Saying sorry
-Hanging out at Timmy’s
-Making mock Olympic rosters
-Deriding teenagers for poor performances in a hockey tournament they have no direct involvement in (FOURTH PLACE?!?! BUNCHA LOSERS!)

Basically, hockey is a pretty big deal in this country.

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yeezus tour review (feat. will aka dj ill will)

Kanye West is a god. End of review.

Were you expecting an unbiased recollection of the cavalcade of events that transpired during the Toronto stop of the Yeezus Tour? Well, you came to the wrong place. Just kidding, I’ll try my best out here.

Joining me is special guest, William Reid, who studies Radio and Television Arts with a minor in Ratchet Culture. He was also at the December 23rd show, the last stop of the Yeezus Tour. I figured that it would be interesting to get the perspective from two people in two different places in the arena. Continue reading yeezus tour review (feat. will aka dj ill will)

top 25 songs of 2013

I’ve apparently had this blog for a year now because I’m doing my first ever sequel post, the second annual “best songs of the year as decided by me.” Last year’s list  was child’s play. Ten songs? C’mon. This year I’ve upped that to 25, and frankly it wasn’t enough because I had to exclude six Kanye West songs. A real shame I know.

As I said last year, year end lists are stupid. Every publication makes one that I don’t agree with, so they’re all wrong in my opinion. Despite how stupid they are to read, they’re really fun to make and debate. Looking back on a year in music and arbitrarily deciding what songs or albums are better than others is incredibly vain, so it fits right up my body of work as a writer. I’m sure there will be no surprises as to who is number one on this list, but read it anyways. And then you can tell me how wrong I am after you’re done.

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