2013-14 nhl season preview

I’ve had this blog for almost a year now, which means we’ve come to the point where a post becomes annual. This is the yearly post where I make BOLD predictions about what will happen in the coming NHL season.

Now as an aside. If the Leafs are all you care about and the rest of the league doesn’t matter, you can just read this thing I wrote the other day previewing the Leafs upcoming season. Otherwise, keep reading. Or read both, I don’t care. (Yes I do, please read both, help my self-esteem).

Last years post went okay. I said Detroit, Minnesota and Anaheim would miss the playoffs (in fact I had Anaheim at the bottom of the West. Yikes). And I also had Montreal missing (also at the bottom of the East, whoops).

The number one cop in town!

But, I did make some good ones. Like predicting Bobrovsky would make Columbus an above .500 team. Or that Florida, Buffalo, New Jersey, and Winnipeg would all be terrible.

Predictions are usually hit and miss, especially with the parity that NHL hockey brings. But it’s also fun to see how you believe a season to play out only to watch that prediction come spiralling down.

And although I wasn’t perfect, neither were my esteemed colleagues. Did Edmonton win their division, Lucas? Did Gabriel Landeskog lead the Avalanche to the playoffs with a point per game season, Steve? Did Sam become Mrs. Taylor Hall? The answer to these questions is no. But that’s the nature of predictions, sometimes you just look foolish. Especially if you predict an engagement to someone you have never met.

So with that in mind, it’s time to look like an idiot once again. Here are 20 predictions about the 2013-2014 season.

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pure heroine

lorde-pure-heroine-1024x1024Lorde – Pure Heroine

October 1, 2013

37 minutes

Ella Yelich O’Connor, or Lorde, is the new pop-star. The 16 year old songstress from New Zealand has been generating a significant amount of buzz after her now ubiquitous song, Royals, took the radio by storm. But she’s definitely not a one-hit wonder, not even close. She’s got talent most people wouldn’t believe came from a girl so young.

Her debut EP, The Love Club, released in March 2013, which originally featured Royals. The five song EP was good, with Bravado being a stand-out, but had a couple of songs that were not very listenable. She still needed some fine tuning.

The Love Club was evident of an artist still finding her sound, and that’s obviously the case considering it was her first EP. Usually it takes a long time for most artists to find their own sound. For great artists though, it usually comes rather quickly. Lorde took everything that was good about The Love Club and built on it to form something exceptionally diverse from anything else.

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nothing was the same

drake-nothing-was-the-same-deluxeDrake – Nothing Was The Same

September 24, 2013

60 minutes

How long is this nigga really going to spend on the intro?

And I’m not talking about the album opener Tuscan Leather, a six minute intro that has Drake launching boasts and brags over a chopped and screwed Whitney Houston sample before the record really begins. It’s a statement. A song that Drake hopes the rest of his album can back up.

He says he can rap for an hour over this beat, and while the first four minutes is truly mesmerizing, you just hope he doesn’t as the song drags on for two minutes too long. But Tuscan Leather is Drake at his current best. Confidently spitting great bars (Like aye, B I got your CD, you get an E for effort) while constantly switching flows to keep things interesting.

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leafs season preview 2013-2014

Training camp for the Leafs begins today and that means the season is starting very soon. Last season ended in a not very good way to be honest, some of us are still recovering. How will this season play out? Well it depends what stage you’re in in terms of being a Leafs fan.

There are two stages of being a Leafs fan.

There’s the stage that happens early on in Leafs fandom where there is sheer optimism before every signing, trade, draft pick, game and season.

A lot of players score from 192 feet away, don’t worry Vesa.

“Everything will be fine, just wait and see!”

“Front office knows what they’re doing!”

“Vesa Toskala is a great goalie just watch!”

This stage can last anywhere from two years to an entire lifetime depending on the sanity of the person. The best way to categorize this section of fans is “hey, there’s always next year.”

Then there’s the other side. The dark side of being a Leafs fan. The side where you come to realize that this team is probably cursed. This is the pessimistic side, the side where only bad things can and will happen to the Leafs because that’s just how it is. Every move is scrutinized because of the understanding that the front office is and always will be inept.

“Three game winning streak, wow can’t wait until December where we lose eight straight…”

“That shot from outside the blueline looks harmless… nevermind”

“4-1 lead in the third? I wonder how we blow this one…”

And really, if you’ve been a Leafs fan long enough, that third quote will probably jump out at you because it’s probably all you thought about during the Meltdown in Beantown.

I bring this up because this season can really go either way for the Leafs. The turnover during the offseason was massive and largely questionable. It’s as if there was a massive overreaction to the way the Leafs played for one period rather than how they played from Games 2-6, but I digress.

With all the people moving out this year, and all the fresh faces, this is a team that is hard to predict. Especially since they were an extremely lucky team in a lockout shortened season. Did the Leafs get better over the offseason and become contenders? Or did they become a worse team based on what they lost to free agency and buyouts. Here’s both sides:

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