2012-2013 nhl playoffs preview: round three

While I tend to believe that I am always right, there are certainly times where I am wrong. They don’t come often, and I find loopholes around them, but it still occurs. When it comes to hockey, I tend to have a bit of an elitist opinion full of snark and condescension. Mostly because some people are stupid and think fighting will win you a hockey game (as proven by all the fights that have happened in the playoffs and by all the goons employed by the top 4 teams!), but also because of my stubbornness and belief that I’m always right. Here are some things I was wrong about these playoffs:

  1. The Detroit Red Wings do not suck, and Jimmy Howard is better than okay.
  2. Lucas Casaletto is not an idiot as I once believed because he did go 4-0 in Round Two, although picking the four predictable favourites isn’t exactly the makings of a genius either.
  3. This was not San Jose’s year, although it could’ve been.
  4. It wasn’t New York’s either, but that’s because goalies can’t score goals too.
  5. Nothing else, bye.

So I went 2-2 in Round Two, which is disappointing because I went with my stupid gut on two 6th seed teams. I figured it would be too hard to repeat for LA, and that Boston’s injury-battered defence corps wouldn’t be enough. But they are the two most recent Stanley Cup champions, and for good reason, and they showed that they know how to win. That’s especially true of LA, who played a very tough series against a very good Sharks team.

If someone said these would be the four teams left at the start of the season or at the start of the playoffs, I doubt one person would be surprised. These are the four best teams in the NHL, the elite teams of the league, and also the last four Stanley Cup champions. These two series will be hard fought and probably the best hockey we have seen yet. With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see any team win their respective series. These teams are close in talent, and each game will be close. That’s why it will be extremely hard to choose who makes it out of the next round. Someone will go 0-2 in picking but still have smart picks in my opinion. Because it’s playoff hockey, and anything can happen now, anyone can win, and it’s okay to be wrong.

And in case you want a refresher of other things I’ve said, here’s my previews of Round One and Round Two.

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leafs 2013 season recap

Where do I begin?

I mean, I could have told you a lot of unbelievable things on January 1st.

“We’re going to have a hockey season!”


“The Leafs make the playoffs!”

“Ummm yeah sure, maybe as the eighth seed, maybe…”

“As the fifth seed!”


“We play the Bruins!”

“So you lost in three right?” *louder laughter*

“Well we were down 3-1…”

“No surprises here. Hey,you guys got one at least!”

“But then we took them to seven games!”

*almost dies due to laughter*

“The game goes to OT!”

*is literally dead at this point*

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2012-2013 nhl playoffs preview: round two

It was everything you could’ve wanted in a first round: uplifting, exciting, surprising, and for some of us heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking. The best hockey is usually seen in Round 1 as everyone gives it everything they have to win, and that’s why it’s usually the most exciting to watch. It’s also the most unpredictable (unless you’re smart like me!) as you’ll soon see by the records of my expert panel that I created using an abundance of start-up capital, resources, and ingenuity… or my friends that I just texted. Let’s pretend it was the former. If you forgot what I said about Round 1, it is right here for you to read again.

But Round 1 is in the past now. It’s time to get serious. Six of the final eight teams are legitimate Cup contenders  and if they won it wouldn’t surprise me. That’s what makes picking Round Two winners even harder, because the talent and parity between teams is just so close. Anyways, here is what I think will probably happen,

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