2012-2013 nhl playoffs preview: round one

For some people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Those people are wrong. The Stanley Cup playoffs are here, and there is no better time of the year.

A lot of crazy things happened this year in the shortened season. The Blue Jackets almost made the playoffs! The Islanders actually did! A crazy world is made from only 48 games, and to be honest a small part of me wishes every season was just 48 games. That has nothing to do with being a Leafs fan though who were 6 games away from falling apart probably.

There are a lot of interesting match-ups this year. Some seem like no-brainers (sorry Minnesota), and others look like they can go either way. Here are my predictions for what will happen, as well as the predictions of some of my esteemed colleagues (read: dumb friends).

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music reviews: april

The months leading up to summer are a great time for music. Every artist is hoping to have ‘the song of the summer’ so a lot of new albums are being released. So much so that I’ve had a dilemma involving them. I don’t have time to properly review all of them, nor do you care about reading that many posts about albums you may not like. So instead, what I’m doing (and what I will probably do from now until I decide I hate everything being released) is review the albums I listened to at the end of the month. For some months, that may be only one or two. For this beautiful month of April though, I had the pleasure of listening to five albums. Here are my thoughts.

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