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There are certain words that are just beautiful. Magnificent even. I love words. I love how they sound. I love what they mean. I love when they sound like what they mean. Certain words just make me smile and I’ll find ways to just throw them at life like a small rubber ball. I love hearing other people saying my favourite words, especially when they have beautiful angelic voices.

What I absolutely hate though, is when someone uses a word that they don’t know the meaning to. Sometimes it’s to sound smarter than people so you feel like a special snowflake. I get that. I do that. But that’s because I have that need to feel superior because I’m an asshole, probably. Sometimes it’s just a word you can’t get rid of no matter how stupid it is. But you just keep saying it anyways because it’s engraved into your subconscious.

Then there are some words that are both useless and culturally engraved into a person. You just can’t stop.

The word that comes to mind is hipster.

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the 20/20 experience

So Justin Timberlake is kind of a big deal, I think. Guys want to be him, girls want to… umm nevermind. He’s a pretty talented guy I must admit, I mean, there’s not much he can’t do. If someone said, “Hey JT, can you cross this dark chasm with this rickety unicycle over a tightrope?” he’d probably be all like “pftt no problem!” and probably juggle flaming chainsaws while doing it.

Despite his obvious talent, I never really cared about his music. At all. To say his music is not for me is like saying paint is not for eating; it just isn’t. Anyone who has known me for any period of time really would probably know that. That whole poppy, R&B-y, top 40-y stuff isn’t what I usually listen to. I’d have to live under a rock to not have heard any of his songs, but those songs never convinced me to listen to the album. Usually they convinced me to change the station. Or the channel. Remember Much On Demand? Remember when it played music videos?

But for some reason, something changed over his six year hiatus. I became very very slightly more open-minded to other genres and other artists. A fun fact about me, which may be confusing to some of you who have only known me for a year or so, is that I used to hate rap. But I changed. I evolved. And if I could learn to love rap, maybe there was room for other genres.

Six years go by and Justin Timberlake decides to make a glorious comeback to music. I was intrigued. I don’t even know why. Maybe because I loved Justin Timberlake the person, that I just said why not?

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