i’m afraid of periods.

No, the title isn’t about some writing problem I have with periods. And it’s not some profound allegory about being afraid of endings. I’m literally talking about menstruation. PMS. Now that we’re clear about that I also want to say that it has nothing to do with it attracting bears either, though that is cause for concern.

This is also weird because I never expected to write about my own life really despite the odd anecdote here and there because I don’t think people care really. So I’ll try to keep it minimal and approach this from a grand perspective.The key word is try because I don’t know what sort of word vomit is about to come out.

I also want to preface that I’m not throwing all women and men in a stereotypical blender filled with gender roles. It’s a general thing applying to some girls, so please don’t bitch about it because it doesn’t apply to every girl or boy.

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2012-13 nhl season preview

Once upon a time I thought this blog would be more diverse with a plethora of posts about all the magical happenings in the world. And then I wrote my third post about hockey in a row… Oops.

With a shortened season and an almost even playing field, this year will be chaos. It’s wide open in the East and the West; any team has a chance at making the playoffs. Yes, even the Leafs. And as the Kings showed last year, any team can win it all once they’re in. It’s going to be an absolute treat to watch. With that in mind, I’m going to make some BOLD predictions (okay not that bold) on what will happen this season. It’ll be really fun reading once the season is over. Maybe I’ll look like Nostradamus with some of these, maybe I’ll look like Tzemis with others. Time will tell, but without further ado:

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is phil kessel a franchise player?

Let’s talk about Phil Kessel.

Phil Kessel is fat.

Phil Kessel is lazy.

Phil Kessel is not a winner.

Phil Kessel is not a leader.

Phil Kessel is a complimentary piece.

Phil Kessel is not a franchise player.

This is essentially what the media wants you to believe is wrong with Phil Kessel and ultimately Brian Burke’s tenure as General Manager, which just ended today.

Most people will single out Brian Burke’s downfall to being the Phil Kessel trade. They’re not wrong to have that opinion. Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton look like tremendous pieces. Hamilton will be a solidĀ defencemanĀ and Tyler Seguin is on his way to likely being a franchise player. But does that discredit what Kessel has done so far? Does what Boston received in the trade in anyway even matter? There are some trades with winners, and some with losers. This trade saw both the Leafs and Bruins receive great players. At the moment, the best player in that trade is Phil Kessel. Will that always be the case; we don’t know for sure. But a General Manager needs to give value to get value and in my opinion, Brian Burke got a whole lot of value with Phil Kessel.

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a love letter to the nhl

Dear NHL,

We went through this before! Back in ’94, remember that one! You said it wouldn’t happen again. It was just a one-time thing! That lockout whore was just a thing of the past, just a teensy mistake. It will never happen again, you said!

And then in 04-05 you did it again! I trusted you! And this time you left with that lockout whore for a whole year. A whole year without you. I was broken. I didn’t know what to do. Some of us had flings with the NBA or NFL, but it wasn’t the same.

But then you came back. I was skeptical, but took you back with open arms. This time you changed for good, right? You have shootouts now! And trapezoids! And you wrote us a card on the ice saying “Thank you fans.” Oh, NHL, you know how to treat the fans right, don’t you? I welcomed you back with open arms and forgiveness in my heart. Because this was the last time right?

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